Range – 200 kms (NEDC range 270kms)
Acceleration – 0 to 100kph approx 22 secs
Top Speed – 130 kph
Cargo Volume – 2 x m3
Seats – 2 Seater
Doors – 4
Body Type – Panel Van

Pure Electric
Battery Pack – 33kWh
Charge Time – 3kW Single Phase  16A –  11 hours
Charge Time –  7kW  Single Phase 32A – 6  hours
75kW electric motor
Drivetrain – front wheel direct drive

Price: AUD $51k Drive Away

Click for Full UK Specs (Australian specs not yet available)

In Brief

The 2017 Kangoo ZE has been revamped with a new ZE 33 battery (33 kWh) driving the new R75 electric power unit (derived from the ZOE pack). The ZOE has been very successful in European markets since its overhaul in 2017 with a realistic range of 300kms (NEDC range rated at 400kms). The bigger Kangoo has benefitted from new livery to give a realistic range of 200kms (NEDC rated at 270kms).  The panel van body is aimed at ‘last mile’ urban delivery fleets and governments departments. The Kangoo has been trialled by Australia Post for the last couple of years. Unlike other EV offerings the battery pack is leased on a monthly basis. The plus side of this is lower purchase price and a guarantee of a minimum charge performance. We’re not quite sure exactly when the Kangoo will be on sale in Australia but as of this posting we have been told Renault Australia are taking orders and state on their website it will be here ‘soon’ (we think soon means by the end of 2017). We apologise for any inaccuracies with the specs etc. as stated – at this point in time it’s difficult to get precise data from Renault.