Range – 333 to 463 kms (real world may vary)
Acceleration – 0 to 100kph approx 2.8 secs
Top Speed – 260 kph
Cargo Volume – 447-488L (frunk&trunk)
Seats – 5 adults

Pure Electric
Charge Time 240v – 12 hours
11kW AC to 270kW DC charging
DC Fast Charger – 5 to 80% in 22.5 minutes (optimal conditions)
Powertrain – dual motor
Drivetrain – all wheel drive
Battery – 79.2-93.4 kWh 800 V lithium-ion
Price: Around AUD $200K

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Specs & Pics courtesy of EV-Database

In Brief

There are three models of the Taycan – the 4s, the Turbo and the Turbo S with the Taycan 4s being the base model.  It will compete with Tesla, Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes and at least some of those are very compelling models. For Porsche lovers this vehicle will be seductive in its finish and performance but does come at a hefty price. There has been some criticism of real world range with the vehicle with the latest reports from the US EPA giving it just 201 miles (323kms). This seems unduly harsh for a vehicle with a spec of 460kms so expect more than the EPA figure but less than the manufacturer specs. This will be a tough gig for Porsche for those who are shopping around as the choice of performance vehicles has increased so much in the past couple of years and at considerably lower cost. For Porsche fans however this one should tick a lot of boxes. Expect all the bells and whistles in this vehicle.