Range – up to 875 kms 
Acceleration – 0 to 100kph approx 10 secs
Top Speed – 150 kph
Cargo Volume – 780L 
Seats – 5 People

Pure Electric
Charge Time 11kW – 6.30 hours
DC Fast Charge (CCS) 10-80 per cent in 44 min
Solar Charge – between 10-12kms per hour
Drivetrain – all wheel drive (in-wheel motors)
Battery – 60 kWh
Price: Around AUD $245K

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Specs & Pics courtesy of EV-Database

In Brief

Lighyear One is a lift-back sedan that has inbuilt high efficiency solar panels built in to the roof and bonnet. Many of the company personnel have been involved in the Solar Challenge races from Darwin to Adelaide over the past decade and have brought their technical skill together to build this futuristic vehicle. Some countries with high levels of sunshine (such as Australia) would be able to harvest 20,000 each year directly from the solar panels while even in ‘sunshine challenged’ countries like the Netherlands 8,000-10,000kms annually could be harvested. This is an expensive luxury end model but the intention is to bring this technology to future models that would be significantly less expensive. Self powered vehicles are on the horizon as the ultimate way to charge a vehicle independently of an external power source (other than direct sunlight).  Despite having a fairly small battery pack for a car this size at just 60kWh, the efficiency of the vehicle is such that it can travel close to 900kms on a single charge.