Range – up to 400 kms
Acceleration – 0 to 100kph approx 5.7 secs
Top Speed – 200 kph
Cargo Volume – 660L (frunk&trunk)
Seats – 5 adults

Pure Electric
Charge Time 240v – 80kms in less than 2 hours
Supports 150kWh charging
DC Fast Charger – 80% in 30 mins
AC 11kWh & Optional 22kWh charger – 8.5hours / 4.5hours
Powertrain – dual motor – 140kW rear 125kW front
Drivetrain – all wheel drive
Battery – 95kWh
Price: Around AUD $150K – $170K

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In Brief

Perhaps an unfortunate choice of name (étron translates to turd in French), the Audi e-tron claims decent range, fast charging and the sort of tech we are beginning to regard as standard in EVs and especially in the luxury segment. It sports radar sensors, cameras, adaptive cruise control, auto emergency braking and lane assist. The steering wheel buttons allow for viewing sat-nav directions together with battery management and music choices etc. .

One of the big pluses for EV drivers will be the ability to use any public charge stations points without the need for multiple account signups to the various providers. This is known as the e-tron Charging Service and will be a single card operation – at least that’s the plan. The first deliveries of the e-tron were due to start in Europe towards the end of 2018 but although now in production the rollout commences first quarter 2019.

It is marked to be in Australia by mid this year (2019) although that may be wishful thinking and if the US proposals for marketing are followed you won’t be able to go to your Audi dealership and grab one from the lot. They will only be available through online registration and the delivery time line could mean lengthy delays. It will compete with Tesla, Jaguar and Mercedes and at least some of those are very compelling models. Not sure how the e-tron will fare with the competition but it seems the marketing rollout plans are already a negative to potential buyers.