Range – 250 kms plus
Acceleration – 0 to 100kph approx 9 secs
Top Speed – 140 kph
Cargo Volume – 650L 
Seats – 5 People

Pure Electric
Charge Time 11kW – 3.75 hours
DC Fast Charge (CCS) 10-80 per cent in 34 min
Solar Charge – between 30-45kms per day
Drivetrain – front wheel drive
Battery – 35 kWh
Price: Around AUD $42K

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Specs & Pics courtesy of EV-Database

In Brief

The Sono Motors Sion began life as a crowd funded vehicle with ambitious aims back in 2012 while the founders were still in school. The vehicle has 7.5 sq mtrs of in-built solar panels and generates power directly from the sun. The car incorporates some very innovative features such as the natural moss air filtration system, the ability to charge from vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to grid, an inbuilt domestic plug for powering external devices and designed from the outset to be fully functional as a car sharing vehicle. Production is due to commence from the Trollhättan production line in Sweden in September 2021. No news of it coming to Australia but it would be an ideal car for the surfeit of sunshine many places in Australia enjoy.