Range – up to 500 kms
Acceleration – 0 to 100kph approx 3.2 secs
Top Speed – 250 kph
Seats – 5 adults + 2 kids
Front cargo space & rear hatch
Flat folding rear seat
17 inch touchscreen

Pure Electric
Twin Charger – 5 hours
Supercharge – 50% charge in 20 mins
Battery Swap – 5 mins
Powertrain – 515kW
Battery Pack – 85kWh
Drivetrain – single speed

Autopilot Features
Forward Radar
Forward looking Camera
12 Long Range Ultrasonic Sensors
Digitally Controlled Electric Assist Braking
Additional Safety Features via Software Updates

Price around USD $152,000

More info on the Dual Motor Model S

Elon Musk drives and talks about the Dual Motor Model S

Elon Musk talks about Autopilot

In Brief

The EV wizards at Tesla Motors have come up with something even better than the sublime Model S – the Model S Dual Motor with Autopilot!  The Model S P85 D takes the vehicle to new heights in performance, range and safety.  As if the breath taking acceleration of the original Model S was not quite quick enough at 0 – 100kph in 4.2 seconds, the new Dual Motor version featuring a separate electric motor on each axle delivers 0 – 100kph in a mere 3.2 seconds.  That’s about the same time as it takes you to read this sentence.  You’d think the additional weight of a second motor would reduce the range of the vehicle but this car is so efficient it actually manages to squeeze a further 16kms out of the battery pack taking you to 500kms on a single charge.

But they didn’t stop there – Tesla have incorporated a range of devices that effectively allows the driver to select autopilot.  From the Tesla website: “Every single Model S now rolling out of the factory includes a forward radar, 12 long range ultrasonic sensors positioned to sense 16 feet around the car in every direction at all speeds, a forward looking camera, and a high precision, digitally controlled electric assist braking system. Building on this hardware with future software releases, we will deliver a range of active safety features, using digital control of motors, brakes, and steering to avoid collisions from the front, sides, or from leaving the road. (Please note this hardware is not available as a retrofit.)  Model S will be able to steer to stay within a lane, change lanes with the simple tap of a turn signal, and manage speed by reading road signs and using active, traffic aware cruise control. It will take several months for all Autopilot features to be completed and uploaded to the cars.”

The dream machine just accelerated into another dimension. Click here for the Tesla website.

To see how this dream machine is put together watch this video (run time 21mins)