Range – up to 489 kms
Acceleration – 0 to 100kph approx 4 secs
Top Speed – 190 kph
Seats – 7 adults
Falcon Wing Rear Doors
All Wheel Drive
Flat folding rear seat
17 inch touchscreen

Pure Electric
Twin Charger – 5 hours
Supercharge – 50% charge in 20 mins
Powertrain – 75kWh or 90kWh
Models – 75D | 90D | P90D
Drivetrain – single speed

Price around USD $80,000

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In Brief

Another amazing EV from Tesla.  This time what’s referred to as a Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) offers a configuration of All Wheel Drive with performance that’s more like a sports car.  With a higher profile than the Model S the range will be a little less due to wind resistance but still over 400kms on a single charge.  Initially this car was due to go into production  late in 2013 with sales in first quarter of 2014.  Nearly two years late it arrived in September 2015.  Scaling up of production continues in 2016.   The Model X seats 7 adults in a 3 row configuration with plenty of luggage space in the front and rear compartments just like the Model S.

There are three models to choose from.  The base model is the 75D (the D denotes dual motors), 90D and the P90D (Performance & Dual motors).

This again demonstrates Tesla at the forefront of not only EV development but innovation in design, electronics and safety features. Click here for the Tesla website.