Limited EV Models Available in Australia

A lack of direct government incentives has led to a reluctance by manufacturers to bring their vehicles down under. There are a limited number of pure BEV models available in Australia.

The current incentives that do exist are a small bonus incentive in the luxury car tax, a reduction of $100 on car registration in Victoria and a reduction in stamp duty in the ACT.

It would seem we are just about the only developed country in the world without meaningful incentives.

The following models are heading down under soon:

Vehicles Arriving 2019 (Indicative Pricing – AUD)

Kia Niro EV (click link  or image for details)
$60K – $65K

Audi e-tron  (click link or image for details)
$150K – $170K

ACE Cargo (click link or image for details)

Mercedes EQC (click link or image for details)

Kia Niro ElectricAudi e-tronACE Cargo ElectricMercedes EQC