Range – up to 122 kms
Acceleration – 0 to 100kph approx 9.5 secs
Top Speed – 135 kph (regulated)
Rear Cargo Space
Seats – 4 adults

Pure Electric
Charge Time – 4 hours (240v)
QuickCharge – not available
Powertrain – 107kW electric motor
Drivetrain – front wheel drive

Price: Around AUD $43,000

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In Brief

The Focus Electric won’t be coming down under any time soon – well not till 2015 at the earliest.  It is from all accounts a great car to drive, quick, confortable and has carried over all the attributes from the petrol version.  It is however very highly priced in comparison to its competitors and an individual would have to be very committed to go for such an expensive EV when excellent alternatives at much lower costs are available.  Like the Leaf and Volt there has been a price drop for 2014 but with Ford the cut is for US customers only at this stage. Even for it’s Canadian neighbour this price drop is not carried through. It would seem Ford will be relying on Fleet purchasing for this particular model. Overall – great car but much too expensive.