Range – up to 100 kms
Top Speed – 80 kph
2 Door Hatch
Seats – 4 Adults
REVive® technology

Pure Electric
Charge Time – approx 4 hours
Quick Charge – less than 1 hour
3 Phase Induction Motor
Drivetrain – front wheel drive

Price: Top Model – Around USD $10,000

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In Brief

In 2010 Mahindra took over the Bangalore based Reva Electric Car company.  The e2o is an evolutionary development of the Reva electric and although targeted at the Indian market, Mahrinda has announced plans to launch the vehicle in Europe in the later half of 2014.  It is particularly eyeing up the UK and Norwegian markets.  It will be enhancing the current version to include ABS, power steering, airbags and a greater driving range.  Sales have not been up to expectations in the local Indian market but the company has started initiatives such as setting up charging station in a number of Indian cities.  Mahindra is also looking to the Sri Lanka market where incentives for EV owners are already in place.  One of the unique features of this vehicle is the REVive technology which optimizes the batteries to allow for additional range in a depleted situation.  This is the most inexpensive production EV we’ve come across.  Despite the low cost the e2o has a lot of the smarts found in more expensive models such as remote diagnostics, app control via smartphone etc.  Not intended to compete with the higher end EVs coming out of Europe, the US and Japan, the e2o fills an inner city niche market for cheap, clean, easy transport.