Range – 425 kms 
Acceleration – 0 to 100kph approx 4.7 secs
Top Speed – 250 kph
Cargo Volume – 405L 
Seats – 5 adults

Pure Electric
Charge Time 11kW – 7.75 hours
DC Fast Charge (CCS 150kW) 10-80 per cent in 27 min
Drivetrain – all wheel drive
Battery – 78 kWh
Price: Around AUD $100K
Subscription based payment available

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Specs & Pics courtesy of EV-Database

In Brief

The Polestar 2 follows on from the hybrid Polestar 1 as a fully electric model designed to be competitive with the Tesla Model 3. Pricing in Australia may make that task a little unrealistic especially as it will still be more expensive than the highest version Model 3 and not up to the same range specs. However Polestar will be introducing a cheaper model following the initial full spec’d version and the Polestar 3, a small SUV, will be the next offering from the company.  The vehicle shares Volvo’s Common Module Architecture with the Volvo XC40 Recharge and the underlying platform is basically identical to the XC40. It also incorporated the Google Android infotainment system like the Recharge. The vehicle can only be bought online although the company intends to provide Polestar Spaces where you can test drive the vehicle. The intention longer term to buying this vehicle is to have a subscription offering where everything is covered (apart from recharging costs) and that will allow you to swap the car after a specified period. The vehicle is due to arrive in Australia towards the latter part of 2020.