The Tesla Supercharger Network

Always Free to Tesla Owners

Tesla have rolled out in the US, Europe and China a number of supercharger stations that provide about a half charge in 20 mins.  They are always FREE for Tesla owners.

In a Tesla Model S that means you can travel a further 240kms from a depleted battery.  So a coffee and bite to eat and you’re on your way.  The superchargers tend to be located near roadside diners, cafes and shopping centres.  “Select stations utilize canopies covered with solar panels to offset energy use and provide shade. Over the next few years, we plan to cover more stations in sunny locales with solar canopies as part of our commitment to the environment.” (Tesla Motors)

If 20 mins is too slow the battery swap system will have you on your way with a full charge in about 90 seconds!

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Supercharger Locations in the US

Current US Network
Tesla North America Supercharger Network - Current
2014 US Network
2015 US Network

Tesla Supercharger Locations in Europe

Current European Network
Tesla Europe Supercharger Network - Current
2015 European Network
Tesla Europe Supercharger Network - 2015
2016 European Network
Tesla Europe Supercharger Network - 2016

Tesla Supercharger Locations in Asia

Current Asian Network
Tesla Asia Supercharger Network - Current
2014 Asian Network
Tesla Asia Supercharger Network - 2014
2015 Asian/Australian Network
Asia Pacific Supercharger Network 2015