Range – 185 kms 
Acceleration – 0 to 100kph approx 7.3 secs
Top Speed – 150 kph
Cargo Volume – 211L 
Seats – 4 adults

Pure Electric
Charge Time 11kW – 3.25 hours
DC Fast Charge (CCS) 0-80 per cent in 35 min
Drivetrain – front wheel drive
Battery – 32.6 kWh
Price: Around AUD $55K

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Specs & Pics courtesy of EV-Database

In Brief

The Mini Cooper SE Electric is due to arrive in Australia mid 2020. Now owned by BMW the iconic Mini is transitioning to electric and is designated as a city car. With what today is regarded as limited range, at around 185kms, the car is not intended for long journeys but is perfectly adequate for the 34.52 kms daily average drive in Australia (ABS figures). Back in 2009 a limited number of Mini E vehicles were deployed and it’s interesting to see how the vehicle has evolved during that time. It has twice the space (the Mini E was a 2 seater), double the range with room for a couple of suitcases (the Mini E had no room for suitcases). It’s still a hefty price especially as it’s in the price bracket of the Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Ioniq and the MG ZS and it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to buy a Tesla Model 3 – but this car will appeal albeit to a limited audience. The car is very quick off the mark and handles beautifully according to the reviews. It’s a welcome addition to the now growing list of EVs available in Australia.