It’s pretty easy to guess which are the top three – lets see:

The Nissan Leaf (top selling EV worldwide), the Tesla Model S (world’s most desirable electric car) and relative newcomer the BMW i3.  All three vehicles are reviewed in this website.

Nissan LeafNissan introduced the Leaf in 2011 and world sales are now in excess of 100,000.  The Nissan Leaf is a beautiful well balanced car to drive with impressive acceleration.  It’s position as world leader in sales is to be expected from the most competitively priced vehicle in its class.  For Nissan to keep top position in sales over the coming years it will need further innovation and improvement.

With a swag of new offerings from some of the worlds biggest brands (for example VW) Nissan will have to be pretty nimble to  stay ahead.  We are confident they can do this as they are the first global brand to have the vision to see the future in motoring is electric.

Tesla Model S

Tesla have shown the motoring world a truly world class car in terms of range (480 kms) , safety (safest car in the world), performance (acceleration in the g force range) and hi-tech innovation.

It has thrown down the gauntlet to high end luxury car manufacturers with something that is simply breathtaking in terms of future motoring.  This one really does leave the internal combustion engine spluttering in its demise.

No wonder it makes those who know it drool with mouth watering wannahave.  By any standards the Tesla Model S is a truly revolutionary vehicle.

BMW i3

BMW have entered the market with a huge splash with demand in the US of it’s i3 electric vehicles outstripping supply and buyers now have a wait time of three to six months.

With a carbon fibre body, this relatively light weight electric car also comes with a range extender option of a small petrol engine to top up the batteries.

For those wanting the BMW experience it seems the BMW i3 delivers everything they are used to from this highly regarded company.