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Who’s the Number 1 in EV Sales?

Let's see - reasonable guesses would be Nissan, Tesla, Mitsubishi, BMW or even VW. After all those are the manufacturers who grab the headlines in the EV space with the LEAF, Model S & X, iMiEV and hybrid Outlander, the i3 or the e-UP and e-Golf. You would of course be mistaken as it is the

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Australia Dreaming

Tesla Supercharge Stations 2015 Time to Wake Up ...More and more the advance of EVs and EV infrastructure is gaining ground seemingly everywhere except for sleepy old Australia.  With just a few notable exceptions, for example Tritium with their powertrains and fast chargers, there is limited activity in the local marketplace - EV

Solar Car Port

As individuals and groups switch to electric vehicles a range of 'add ons' will start to become commonplace. One we've written about before will be wireless charging - just pull in to your parking space and the car will automatically start to charge up without the need to plug in (see our blog Wireless Charging for

Top 3 Electric Cars

It's pretty easy to guess which are the top three - lets see: The Nissan Leaf (top selling EV worldwide), the Tesla Model S (world's most desirable electric car) and relative newcomer the BMW i3.  All three vehicles are reviewed in this website. Nissan introduced the Leaf in 2011 and world sales are now in

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