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Breath Taking EV Supercar

This is one of those OMG moments in the evolution of vehicle technology - this has to be the most incredible futuristic car that has been produced on the planet.  The technology is still under wraps but it's a radical new way to thrust an exotic machine through its paces.  With a reputed acceleration of

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Australia Dreaming

Tesla Supercharge Stations 2015 Time to Wake Up ...More and more the advance of EVs and EV infrastructure is gaining ground seemingly everywhere except for sleepy old Australia.  With just a few notable exceptions, for example Tritium with their powertrains and fast chargers, there is limited activity in the local marketplace - EV

Car Jacking a Self Drive Car

We've all heard of car-jackings but could a driverless car be hijacked by a hacker?  Apparently it's already been done and manufacturers developing this technology are beefing up security systems to prevent it.  It's predicted there could be as many as 20 million of these vehicles by 2020 so the concern is quite serious. Looking

Good News for Leaf Owners

Resale Value Just Improved Nissan have announced a replacement cost for their battery packs for the inevitable day when a replacement pack is required.  The battery pack is currently guaranteed against capacity loss for 5 years or 96,500kms and 8 years or 240,000kms against defects.  For Leaf owners the new announcement means they can replace