Australia’s EV Opportunity

Australia has not been marked out as a country that embraces electric vehicles.  VW won't come here as they don't see any enthusiasm for the technology and there are no incentives for zero emission vehicles.  Having said that EV Fast Charge stations are being built around the country - one in Western Australia thanks to

Is Tough Oil too Tough?

Some now suggest that M King Hubberts theory of 'Peak Oil' first developed in the 1950's is dead and buried.  The theory suggested that as oil fields ('easy oil') were discovered and developed the production would meet a peak and then taper off as the oil became increasingly more difficult to extract. With new technologies

Breath Taking EV Supercar

This is one of those OMG moments in the evolution of vehicle technology - this has to be the most incredible futuristic car that has been produced on the planet.  The technology is still under wraps but it's a radical new way to thrust an exotic machine through its paces.  With a reputed acceleration of

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Australia Dreaming

Tesla Supercharge Stations 2015 Time to Wake Up ...More and more the advance of EVs and EV infrastructure is gaining ground seemingly everywhere except for sleepy old Australia.  With just a few notable exceptions, for example Tritium with their powertrains and fast chargers, there is limited activity in the local marketplace - EV

Car Jacking a Self Drive Car

We've all heard of car-jackings but could a driverless car be hijacked by a hacker?  Apparently it's already been done and manufacturers developing this technology are beefing up security systems to prevent it.  It's predicted there could be as many as 20 million of these vehicles by 2020 so the concern is quite serious. Looking

Good News for Leaf Owners

Resale Value Just Improved Nissan have announced a replacement cost for their battery packs for the inevitable day when a replacement pack is required.  The battery pack is currently guaranteed against capacity loss for 5 years or 96,500kms and 8 years or 240,000kms against defects.  For Leaf owners the new announcement means they can replace

Harley Davidson Electric

Electric Hogs We don't normally comment on electric motorcycles but the most recognised motorcycle brand in the world, Harley Davidson, has produced an electric bike and wants customer feedback.  Many who associate themselves with HD will be under impressed while those looking to the future will recognise it's an inevitability and a sign of the times. Project

Oil is Risky Business

Of all the reasons we should convert our fleet to electric the stand out argument is Energy Security.  There is no doubt if the oil supply to Australia (and other countries reliant on oil imports) suddenly ceased for whatever reason - economic, natural disaster or war - we would be in a catastrophic position with the

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The Demise of Car Ownership

The number of cars on the road surpassed 1 billion in 2011. By 2050 the projection is for at least 2 billion cars and a global population of 9 billion.  There would certainly be challenges in bringing another 1 billion vehicles on to the road.  Of course the majority of these would be in developing countries

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