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Wireless Charging for EVs

Navigant Research has predicted in a new report (click for the executive summary) that wireless charging for Electric Vehicles will grow from a few hundred in 2014 to 300,000 plus by 2022.  This technology until recently viewed as in R&D mode has begun to hit the markets with manufacturers planning to introduce it in the 2015/2016

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Beijing Suffocates

Living in Beijing is now at an unbearable stage with pollution levels soaring since 19th February. PM 2.5 (particulate matter) concentrations that are the most damaging to human health hit levels of 432 yesterday - the World Health Organisation levels are a mere 25 for day long exposure.  No doubt much of this smog is

Tesla Disrupts the Grid – Stock Soars

The recent announcement by Elon Musk of a 'gigafactory' battery manufacturing facility not only has meant a surge in Tesla stock (now up 634% year-over-year) but also brings the death spiral for electricity utilities that much closer.  The death spiral is customer defection from the grid to run their households/businesses on solar panels plus battery storage.

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Running on Empty – Global Risks

A new report commissioned by the NRMA on Australia's risk exposure to liquid fuels paints a grim picture.  Written by retired Air Vice-Marshal John Blackburn it finds Australia at serious risk through it's dependence on foreign based oil.  No doubt this report could be a template for many industrialised countries around the world. A single

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3D Print Electric Car

Local Motors goal is to: "operate an efficient, multinational Microfactory network in order to build game-changing products and deliver a world of vehicle innovations."  I think 3d printing an EV would certainly fit that description and that's exactly what they intend to do at the upcoming  International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014 in Chicago, Illinois, September 8-13,

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Tesla Moves on China

Tesla opened a showroom last November in Beijing and it looks like the Model S will roll out sometime in March.  With very aggressive pricing Tesla will be taking on the luxury hold of the likes of BMW and Mercedes.  Tesla also plans to roll out a supercharger network in similar fashion to what's it

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An Australian EV

Now that Ford GM and Toyota have called it quits in Australia isn't it time the skill set and infrastructure already in place is switched to developing our own home grown Electric Vehicle.  From the AGL Energy White Paper 2014: "EVs are able to reduce the Australian economy’s reliance on imported liquid fuels by substituting domestically-generated

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EV Solar Powered?

Well this one is a bit futuristic but the idea of raising solar's 20% efficiency is a dream many are chasing. This particular idea may be one that gets some traction if the conversion efficiency gains make it viable.  I'd love to have one of these powering my electric car. According to a recent report in Fast

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Europe’s Best Selling Electric Car

It's official - the number one EV in Europe is the Nissan Leaf.  Sales in Norway where the car was the third most popular overall, helped the automaker to sell 25% more units than the next best seller. But sales in other European countries were very strong also.  Sales were 200% above the previous year.

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Second life for used EV batteries

When an EV's battery storage capacity has reduced by 2o-30% (reducing the operating range by that much) the batteries are replaced.  They are then recycled through programs such as those in place by Tesla or Nissan.  There is however the potential for them to be used as battery storage systems and the big advantage of

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