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Go Low – UK Conservative Government

Go Ultra Low brings together five of the biggest EV and plug-in hybrid makers in this country (UK) – BMW, Nissan, Renault, Toyota and Vauxhall – to deliver a joint message alongside the Government about the benefits of electric motoring. Said deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg: “Our clear objective is to move the car fleet in this country to ultra

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Car Ownership Dead?

Here's the scenario - you are going out for the evening.  From  your app you summon an EV - specs might be - 4 passenger capable, range of 50 miles minimum, luxury model, immediate pick-up (or scheduled if you're one of those organised people).  The EV parking tower selects a vehicle according to requirements, automatically

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Aircraft Fuel Breakthrough?

Why are we talking aircraft fuel in My Electric Car - because it will be some time before passenger aircraft will be able to run on fuel cells and this announcement is just too big to ignore.  Seems that the jet fuel being offered to the airlines nowadays from shale and tar sands is not

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So are EVs Cleaner?

A recent study from North Carolina State apparently shows EVs will not reduce pollution in the long term.  This seems to be counterintuitive and it turns out what the media ran with is not reflective of the report when it's considered fully.  But you have to dig down to find out what the study actually

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My Electric Car Forum launched

Had lunch with a friend yesterday.  He's become a dad recently for the first time (I'm sure all dads will relate) and is awaiting another baby to be delivered from the US a little later this year - a Tesla Model S.  As he's an exceptional IT guru, I asked his advice on further promotion

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Wirelessly Charged Buses Now!

Electric bus trial under way in UK Wouldn't it be great for our cities if we had clean, quiet, no emissions electric buses to ferry people about instead of the carcinogenic diesel buses that are currently the mainstay.  Many bus trials are underway around the world.  Various types of recharging solutions are being trialled. Of

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