Australia’s energy mix (2016-2017 figures) comprises 84.3% fossil fuels and 15.7% clean energy.  Coal fired power accounts for 63% of Australia’s energy generation (2016-2017) down from 80% in 2000. These figures are not uniform from state to state.  It is fair to say that using grid energy to power an EV will entail using fossil fuel derived energy (unless a green power plan is in place by the electricity provider).  Electric vehicles produce zero local emissions which means much cleaner air in our cities and huge savings in health costs (see health issues page). Electric vehicles also have the ability to be powered by clean renewable energy virtually eliminating emissions and fuel costs altogether if you have sufficient roof top solar. Each year as more renewable clean energy enters the grid driving an EV charged solely by grid power gets cleaner – burning petrol or diesel will always mean higher emissions and more poisonous air on our roads and in our cities.