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41 Insane Facts About Tesla Motors

The case for electric cars may seem clear to many of us, even while the authorities and sworn petrol-heads refuse to see sense. The truth is that we rely on a handful of visionary industrialists and politicians to invest in infrastructure, publicity and incentives while we try to enjoy the benefits and spread the word

Electric Vehicles – A Missed Opportunity for Australia?

The Slow Shuffle toward Electric Cars The emergence of electric cars as a viable alternative to fossil fuel based vehicles is an exciting and most needed environmental intervention in Australian society today. Unfortunately, despite the obvious benefit this new mode of transport offers to proactive climate change initiatives, it has taken a while for the

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5 Reasons to Buy an Electric Car

guest post  5 Reasons to Buy an Electric Car Georgia Gifford The fast growing popularity of electric cars has been caused by a number of factors, including influential industry backers, government subsidies and the evident financial benefits. However, the technology is yet to take over the mainstream automotive industry as is hoped by industry players