Nissan LeafResale Value Just Improved

Nissan have announced a replacement cost for their battery packs for the inevitable day when a replacement pack is required.  The battery pack is currently guaranteed against capacity loss for 5 years or 96,500kms and 8 years or 240,000kms against defects.  For Leaf owners the new announcement means they can replace the existing pack for US dollar $5,500 plus installation costs (a 3 hour job) and taxes.  For owners of the 2011/2012 models there is an additional $225 fee for an upgrade kit.

This effectively means for around $6,000 the car life can be extended for a further 8 years or more – a very reasonable price that should add significantly to the resale value of the vehicle.  The replacement batteries will be the 2015 packs.  These are the new chemistry type introduced after excessive capacity depletion in very hot conditions experienced by some owners in the southwest of the United States.

As the drive motor and brake pads will last far longer than a petrol powered vehicle, providing a reasonably priced battery replacement pack is a strategic move on the part of Nissan to bolster it’s position and give greater certainty to Leaf owners.  The old batteries at this stage will be recycled but there may be opportunities for them to be used in battery storage systems as they will still store around 80% capacity.

The range will be the same as today’s battery packs and at this stage there is no news on whether an extended range pack will be available.