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Electric James Bond

At the recent Bloomberg New Energy Finance Conference Andy Palmer (CEO Aston Martin) stated, “We’re a V-12 engine company. Project that into the future. Do I go the way of the rest of the industry and downsize the engine? Do I see Aston Martin with a three cylinder engine? God forbid! You’ve got to do something radical. Electric power

Australia’s EV Opportunity

Australia has not been marked out as a country that embraces electric vehicles.  VW won't come here as they don't see any enthusiasm for the technology and there are no incentives for zero emission vehicles.  Having said that EV Fast Charge stations are being built around the country - one in Western Australia thanks to

So are EVs Cleaner?

A recent study from North Carolina State apparently shows EVs will not reduce pollution in the long term.  This seems to be counterintuitive and it turns out what the media ran with is not reflective of the report when it's considered fully.  But you have to dig down to find out what the study actually

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