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41 Insane Facts About Tesla Motors

The case for electric cars may seem clear to many of us, even while the authorities and sworn petrol-heads refuse to see sense. The truth is that we rely on a handful of visionary industrialists and politicians to invest in infrastructure, publicity and incentives while we try to enjoy the benefits and spread the word

Tesla Self Learning Autopilot

  Tesla's auto pilot feature not only brings autonomous functionality to its vehicles but each vehicle's experience is collected centrally and the cumulative experience of autonomous driving from all vehicles is passed back to each individual vehicle in a feedback learning loop. The result is continuous improvement in the vehicle's autonomous behaviour. The behavioural adjustments are

Are Autonomous Cars the Canary in the Coalmine?

MEC has reported on the impending revolution of autonomous (self drive/driverless/no driver) vehicles previously.  Already we are seeing the technology built in to existing high end models  such as the Tesla P85D and probably most people are aware of the Google self drive car. The advances in the underlying technology seem to be advancing at a more

The Demise of Car Ownership

The number of cars on the road surpassed 1 billion in 2011. By 2050 the projection is for at least 2 billion cars and a global population of 9 billion.  There would certainly be challenges in bringing another 1 billion vehicles on to the road.  Of course the majority of these would be in developing countries

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Car Ownership Dead?

Here's the scenario - you are going out for the evening.  From  your app you summon an EV - specs might be - 4 passenger capable, range of 50 miles minimum, luxury model, immediate pick-up (or scheduled if you're one of those organised people).  The EV parking tower selects a vehicle according to requirements, automatically

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