Plugless PowerNavigant Research has predicted in a new report (click for the executive summary) that wireless charging for Electric Vehicles will grow from a few hundred in 2014 to 300,000 plus by 2022.  This technology until recently viewed as in R&D mode has begun to hit the markets with manufacturers planning to introduce it in the 2015/2016 models.  Bosch has partnered with Evatran (makers of Plugless Power Systems) with systems due to hit the market in the first quarter of this year (2014).

It is not surprising that the convenience of plugless powering will catch on – simply drive over a designated spot and let inductive power transfer by way of magnetic fields charge the batteries.  A transmitting coil is located in the parking pad which transfers power to a receiving coil in the vehicle.  These systems are now ready to go transferring power at the same rate as a Level 2 charging station (so  your Nissan Leaf will be fully charged from a depleted battery to full charge in about 8 hours). Click here for a video to see how easy it all is.