When an EV’s battery storage capacity has reduced by 2o-30% (reducing the operating range by that much) the batteries are replaced.  They are then recycled through programs such as those in place by Tesla or Nissan.  There is however the potential for them to be used as battery storage systems and the big advantage of that is reduced cost for battery storage.  Grid operators such as Liander in the Netherlands and battery manufacturers such as BYD are investigating the possibilities.

Nissan LeafIn Japan the Osaka solar storage system will be trial the suitability of the batteries to smooth fluctuating output from the 10MW solar farm.  The project is due to commence February 2014 and will run for 3 years. Sumitomo Battery Business Development Department General Manager, Norihiko Nonaka sstated: “We are pleased to be a part of such an important verification project that can both utilize used EV batteries, and provide a large-scale power storage facility, which are important issues that need to be addressed for the future of renewable energy.”

No doubt traditional power generators will be alarmed at the prospect of the death spiral of their business model coming one step closer.  Just as roof top solar is turning peak demand upside down, battery storage will be the next step in ‘getting off the grid’.  Click to read more.