A new report commissioned by the NRMA on Australia’s risk exposure to liquid fuels paints a grim picture.  Written by retired Air Vice-Marshal John Blackburn it finds Australia at serious risk through it’s dependence on foreign based oil.  No doubt this report could be a template for many industrialised countries around the world. A single major event that disrupted supply would put at risk “our national security and lifestyle should there be a major event that impacts our liquid fuel supply chain.”  

Encouragement of the uptake of Electric Vehicles is one aspect that is recommended to help mitigate this exposure.  With pitiful little incentive in Australia to encourage EV adoption, our national leaders are failing to plan for a future crisis scenario that would be devastating to our economic well being.  It is time Australia begins to get serious about EV infrastructure and incentives as a strategic and economic measure to insulate the nation against an event that would threaten oil based fuel supplies.  Read more about the report by clicking here.