1,521 Tesla Model S electric vehicles (the safest car in the world) were sold in Norway in March 2014. This makes the Model S the most popular car ever to be sold in Norway in a single month. Sales were also strong for the electric VW Golf, Nissan Leaf and BMW i3.

Taken together EV sales represent over 20% of all vehicle sales in Norway for the month. Norway’s stampede towards electric vehicles now means the government’s  climate target of 85 g/kilometer of emissions by 2020 is achievable. The incentive program for electric vehicles is rapidly changing the driving landscape in this Scandinavian country.

2012-Tesla-Model-S-left-sideIt is an an example for others (such as Australia) to follow. The financial, strategic and environmental benefits of providing incentives for electric vehicle uptake are compelling.

Reduced dependence on foreign oil imports (from high risk geopolitical regions), improved balance of trade figures and slashing of the  health costs resulting from city air pollution are just some of the reasons to make the switch to electric.

Improved environmental outcomes and a reduction in CO2 emissions are icing on the cake.

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