Go Ultra Low brings together five of the biggest EV and plug-in hybrid makers in this country (UK) – BMW, Nissan, Renault, Toyota and Vauxhall – to deliver a joint message alongside the Government about the benefits of electric motoring. Said deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg: “Our clear objective is to move the car fleet in this country to ultra low-emission vehicles by 2040 and to put money and policy money behind it.”

Such a contrast to our federal and state governments in Australia that have yet to awaken to the economic benefits of changing to an electric fleet.  Pity our politicians don’t yet realise why governments around the world are promoting EVs with incentives – it’s all about cost savings and strategic security. In Australia we spend billions of dollars annually on health services related to air pollution.  It’s also been estimated that every EV on the road reduces oil imports by 8 barrels annually – nice for the balance of trade.  Shouldn’t we be using Australian energy to drive our vehicles rather than being held hostage to foreign oil imports from politically unstable regions of the world?

Ignore the environmental benefits if you must but don’t ignore the economic and strategic benefits of changing the fleet to electric. The sooner our politicians wake up to these realities (like the rest of the developed world) the better it will be for Australia’s hip pocket and the health of her citizens.