Now that Ford GM and Toyota have called it quits in Australia isn’t it time the skill set and infrastructure already in place is switched to developing our own home grown Electric Vehicle.  From the AGL Energy White Paper 2014:

“EVs are able to reduce the Australian economy’s reliance on imported liquid fuels by substituting domestically-generated electricity. This represents a significant opportunity to improve Australia’s structural trade position and energy security. Further, EVs have zero tailpipe emissions, and therefore do not contribute to air pollution or ‘‘smog.’’ Over time, high EV uptake could significantly improve air quality in urban areas.”

Well it is “stating the bleeding obvious” as John Cleese would say.   So we can improve our “structural trade position and energy security” – that is better balance of trade figures and less dependence on foreign oil (from politically unstable regions of the world) by using Australian power to run the vehicle fleet.  “…high EV uptake could significantly improve air quality in urban areas.” As has been pointed out by My Electric Car on numerous occasions the burden on the health system from air quality issues runs into billions of dollars annually.

You’d think any government of whatever political persuasion would embrace having better balance of trade figures, less reliance on foreign oil and reduced health costs by improving city air.  It’s a no brainer right?  This is all about economics and it’s time our political leaders saw it as such.  Wouldn’t fostering such a product in Australia maintain the manufacturing industry, keep people of welfare payments and clean up our air be a good thing?   Joe Hockey where are you?