Renault ZoeBattery technology is enjoying unprecedented research and development globally. The rush is on to get better energy density so that EVs can travel farther and the market for energy storage systems develops faster.

Renault’s intention is to dominate the EV market and they are looking to ‘upgrade’ battery packs for existing owners as newer technology comes on stream. It looks like new battery technology could be extending the range of the current crop of EVs to 300kms within the next 18 months and Renault wants to be offering this extended range to all its current customers if they wish to upgrade.  A battery upgrade is not as simple as it may seem as the electronics and control system also have to be upgraded but the intention is to put this ability in place now so that the upgrade is available if required.  Read more on Renault’s plans here.

It certainly seems that cars are becoming more and more like smart devices with upgrades, software updates, longer operating time, apps, downloads, geo positioning etc.  It will not be long before we have a self driving electronic device with the interior kitted out in a number of formats for different situations.