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2014 EVs on a Surge

EV and hybrid sales are set to surge 67% in 2014 according to IHS Automotive.  That's in comparison to just 3.6% increase in overall global production. The driving factors - tightening of emission standards, introduction of compelling new models, cheaper batteries and a big drive in China to help combat city air pollution. IHS reported:

Power Company Offering Free Motoring

The US based green energy company Ecotricity is offering it's clients 1600 kms of free energy for their electric vehicles plus free charging at their 120 motorway based fast charge stations.  The company has also signed an agreement with VW for the new e-up! EV that means a free smart meter in customers homes.  

February 8th, 2014|

No More Fuel Bills?

If you are a Tesla owner living in Europe or the US with access to the Tesla Supercharger network you will never have to pay for fuel again.  And those networks are expanding rapidly (see our Supercharger page). Recently two Model S cars made the journey from Los Angeles to New York in 76 hours

February 4th, 2014|