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EV Surge Begins

In a report released on the 24th March 2015, the German based Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemburg (ZSW) stated the global numbers for electric vehicles is close to three quarters of a million vehicles (740,000) with just about half of those (320,000) being purchased in 2014 and that's despite lower global oil prices.  The United

Tesla Disrupts the Grid – Stock Soars

The recent announcement by Elon Musk of a 'gigafactory' battery manufacturing facility not only has meant a surge in Tesla stock (now up 634% year-over-year) but also brings the death spiral for electricity utilities that much closer.  The death spiral is customer defection from the grid to run their households/businesses on solar panels plus battery storage.

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So are EVs Cleaner?

A recent study from North Carolina State apparently shows EVs will not reduce pollution in the long term.  This seems to be counterintuitive and it turns out what the media ran with is not reflective of the report when it's considered fully.  But you have to dig down to find out what the study actually

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