Nissan and AvisNissan’s biggest single private order for 400 Nissan Leaf EVs was placed by Avis in Denmark.  Avis is the second largest car rental company and this commitment underscores again the unstoppable rise of the electric vehicle.  Unlike its Norwegian neighbour where the Leaf was the third top selling car overall in 2013, the EV market in Denmark is still in its infancy. This announcement however will mean a significant breakthrough in the electric vehicle market and offer Danish citizens and companies the opportunity to trial the Leaf with little upfront costs.

The car can be rented on a monthly basis for the equivalent of just over AUD $20 per day including insurance and with no deposit.  Nissan’s director for Europe, Jean-Pierre Diernaz stated: “The Danish Energy Agency, with its pool partnerships, has been a great help to us in taking this step, and we are proud to be the first project participants of this scheme, supplying Avis Car Rental with these 400 electric cars on the roads within this year”

Managing Director at Avis Car Rental in Denmark, Kasper Gjedsted, added: “Green transport is the future; however, we still sense some hesitation towards electric vehicles from some of our customers. Therefore with Nissan LEAF, we have selected the leading electric vehicle on the market and at the same time made ​​the product as cost effective, easy, convenient and intelligent as possible to hopefully encourage more Danes to lease an electric vehicle.”  Click to read more