The Cotton BatteryPower Japan Plus – a Japanese startup – makes some incredible claims for an organic cotton battery.  Cotton?  Yes the same stuff that’s in your clothes, bless your cotton socks.

By changing the structure of the cotton fibre, PJP states unique properties are created that lead to a battery technology they claim is superior in many ways to current Lithium ion batteries.  For example, the cotton battery (known as the Ryden dual carbon battery) contains no lithium oxide, no rare earth metals, won’t catch fire if punctured, is capable of many thousands of charge and discharge cycles without losing capacity and is up to 20 times faster to charge!  Extraordinary claims indeed.

That would mean an EV could be charged up in a few minutes and travel for hundreds of kilometers on a charge.  They also operate, it is claimed, at normal temperatures which means no expensive cooling system.  The high charge/discharge cycle numbers without capacity loss would mean the batteries would last for decades without the need for replacement.

Chris Craney, Power Japan Plus’s chief marketing officer has stated PJP are confident the battery will be a major solution to the current issues facing EVs.  

If these claims turn out to be true the cotton battery will truly be a revolutionary invention.  Read more at this link or go to the Power Japan Plus website here.