Elon Musk announced a level faster than the already crazy Insane Mode when he recently talked about the latest upgrades to the Model S.

Insane mode was not enough for the Tesla Team – they craved Ludicrous!  Insane mode, if you recall, gets you from 0 – 100kph in a shockingly quick 3.2 secs.  Just to put that in perspective the Porsche 911 GT 3 (3.8 991) takes 3.6 seconds and it takes the Bugatti Veyron (16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse) supercar, 2.6 seconds to get to 100kph.  The Holden Commodore SS 6.0 V8 has figures of 5.1 secs from 0-100kph – quick by any other standards but decidedly a slow ‘muscle’ machine by comparison.


Bugatti Veyron

Youtube is full of videos with different dedicated sports machines taking on various Model S configurations to see what’s quickest off the mark.  Mostly the Model S leaves the competition for dead.  The only vehicle I’ve seen beat the P85D Model S has been the Lamborghini Aventador (around US$400,000).  With the new Ludicrous mode however, the Aventador now looks decidedly lazy.

Ludicrous mode takes the model S into true Supercar acceleration speeds – 0-100kph is now 2.8 seconds, a mere 0.2 secs slower than the $1.5million 16 cyclinder Bugatti Veyron, the worlds most expensive production car.

But should a luxury family saloon be pitted against dedicated sports and supercars? In a mere two years the Model S has changed substantially.  The top end Model S now sports a 90kWh battery pack (and further range), its acceleration has increased from an impressive level to a Ludicrous level, the car has both front and rear drive motors and now boasts a range of autonomous features.  It may still be called the Model S but the improvements since winning Car of the Year in 2013 have been remarkable.  It’s streets ahead for the Car of the Decade award.

The Model S, more than any other vehicle, is challenging our perceptions of the automobile.  It really is a smart device on wheels that continues to morph and amaze.  Get all the latest from Elon himself – http://www.teslamotors.com/blog/three-dog-day