Breaking news! Today we learned of a self replicating, carbon capture and storage device. It can be fully recycled and has secondary uses in the building, horticultural and farming sectors. It is claimed to increase crop yields when strategically positioned.  Some parts of the device are edible and can be safely consumed by humans. This high tech breakthrough has been under development for many years and is now at a highly refined iteration. It comes in various sizes and can be adapted to fit in to most places and situations without major modifications.

Carbon Capture & Storage Not only is it an effective CCS device but another of its claimed attributes is its ability to act as a water filtration system while a byproduct from its operation is pure oxygen. It has been estimated that just over a trillion of these low cost devices could remove 10 years of total anthropogenic emissions of CO2. They can be placed in a range of situations such as abandoned land and other empty places across the planet.

The scientists making these claims have used machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to calculate the numbers needed to remove the emissions and also determine where they can be placed for maximum effect. It is claimed they need little to no servicing and have an operational life expectancy of over 100 years and for some models much longer.

When placed in numbers they have the ability to stabilize soil and may mitigate landslides. There are no known adverse effects to wildlife and it’s claimed they may in fact have beneficial outcomes for some species, including humans. No toxic materials are used in their creation and their cradle to grave emissions are negative.

The self replication characteristics of the device are involved and complex although it appears easy to initiate the process. It has been suggested the Nobel Prize is awarded for this incredible natural invention although there may be copyright and trademark disputes as a number of researchers have been involved over the years in discerning its various properties. A proposed name for a collection or ‘forest’ of these devices is: The Rejuvenate Earth Enabling System (TREES).