Orkney is an archipelago that lies off the northeastern coast of Scotland. It comprises 70 islands, 17 of which are inhabited. It is steeped in history with a Viking presence dating back to the 8th century. Some of the Norse legends and customs are still enacted during various festivals throughout the year. These islands are now at the forefront of the future demonstrating a shift from a high carbon energy system to one that is carbon free.

A virtual energy system is in development in Orkney through the use of modern technology linking supply and demand through a range of energy generation and storage. It is a blueprint for other areas of the UK and has global applications. The following video outlines the coming together of various technologies including wind, solar, wave, battery, hydrogen, EVs and community transport. “The ReFLEX (Responsive Flexibility) initiative aims to make Orkney a ‘smart energy island’, eventually eliminating the need for fossil fuels.”