Range – 150-200 kms partial load
Acceleration – 0 to 50kph less than 7 secs
Top Speed – 100 kph
Max Pay Load – 500kgs
Max Gradability Full Load – 20%
Seats – 2 adults

Pure Electric
Battery Pack 33kWh opt. 40kWh
Home Charge – max 8 hours
Transmission – fixed reduction gear ratio
Battery Warranty – unknown
Cooling – forced air convection

Price: around AUD $40,000 TBC

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In Brief

The ACE EV Group is an Australian start-up based in Queensland. They plan to set up manufacture of their vehicles locally but currently get the body parts from China and Taiwan. ACE aims to have three models for sale by the end of 2019 – the Urban, the Yewt and the Cargo. They unveiled the ACE Cargo in April 2019. The vehicle has a range of 150kms – 200kms with a partial load or 250kms empty and can charge up from home in 8 hours. The charging port is CCS compliant. It’s load carrying capacity is 500kgs. The vehicle has a turning circle of less than 5M. Although not initially being offered to the public ACE will be offering the vehicle to businesses and fleet operators. The cargo area can be customised. ACE claim an 85% reduction in fleet operating costs and greenhouse gas reduction of 70%. Annual servicing costs of around $50 according to CEO Greg McGarvie. Plans are for 100 vehicles to be built by the end of 2019 and 600 in 2020.