The case for electric cars may seem clear to many of us, even while the authorities and sworn petrol-heads refuse to see sense. The truth is that we rely on a handful of visionary industrialists and politicians to invest in infrastructure, publicity and incentives while we try to enjoy the benefits and spread the word on a smaller scale. It can be a frustrating ride when the facts and figures of electric car culture seem to speak so loudly; for now, these words seem to fall on deaf ears. We can but listen to and share the lessons of the industry’s most ardent evangelists.

With all his talk of colonizing Mars and comparing his space rockets with those of rival Jeff Bezos, it can be easy to forget those earthly achievements that have marked Elon Musk out as just such a visionary. His ideas – such as the similarly space-age ‘Hyperloop’ he has proposed to transport people through tubes from Los Angeles to San Francisco – are ahead of their time, and require levels of investment and ingenuity of which perhaps only he and his colleagues are capable. Among such bluster, the achievements of Tesla Motors in the field of electronic car design and manufacture seem positively mundane: yet a US$4bn annual revenue, which is ploughed straight back into the business, speaks for itself. Tesla is seriously changing the landscape of consumer transport.

So next time someone tells you that electric cars lack the oomph, comfort or popularity of longer established fossil fuel vehicles, it’s worth being pre-armed with a few of the cold hard facts around Tesla’s success to date – and their impressive plans for the future. Check out this new infographic which features some truly astonishing details about Musk & Co. – the only thing holding back the development of electric car culture is public misconception – these barriers are however crumbling before our eyes.

Infographic via Jennings Motor Group Click Image to Enlarge.

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